Digha – a beach destination and one of the most popular holiday destinations for the eastern part of India — offers a wide range of things to do that would suit every traveller.

Famous for its spectacular sun rises and sun sets, Digha is also known as birdwatchers paradise. Interested in marine life then you must visit the aquarium here which is the largest in Asia and if you are fascinated by science then a visit to the science centre is a must.

Other than sightseeing or just lazing around the beach you can indulge in variety of water sports like scuba diving and surfing to give you a hint. Enjoy the laidback lifestyle of this beach town as you take a dip in the water or lie back and indulge in some sun bathing.

Shopping enthusiasts can pick up things like hand woven mats, and jewellery made of sea shells that make for good souvenirs to take back home. All the sightseeing, shopping has made you hungry then drop into any of the restaurant for a scrumptious Bengali food.

Come and explore the beauty of this beach town if you like water sports or just want to relax at its sun-kissed beaches.

Sightseeing in Digha :

You can visit many places for sightseeing in Digha. The main tourist hub is the New Digha, which boasts of a science centre and one of the largest marine aquariums in Asia.

Another major attraction in New Digha is the Amravati Lake, which has boating facilities. A little unconventional attraction in Digha is the snake farm that is situated in close proximity to the Amravati Lake.

Located at a distance of eight kilometres from Digha is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, known as the temple of Chandaneswar. While there, also visit Talasari, another beach located 3 km away.

At a distance of 14 kilometres from Digha is the unspoilt beach of Shankarpur. The beaches here are wide, lined with casuarinas trees and are less crowded than Digha. Shankarpur’s main attraction is the fishing harbour project.

Shopping in Digha :

Shops in Digha sell local handicrafts and beautiful ornaments made of seashells. Various types of ornaments are available at cheap rates. Also, Digha is famous for hand woven mats that are made of weeds and are available in a variety of colors. The major shopping area in Digha is behind the old Digha beach. The very famous cashew nuts can be the perfect to bring back home.

Activities in Digha :

Catch a glimpse of beautiful sunrise at Digha a lovely way to begin the day. The sea in Digha is shallow and calm and thus the fun activities in Digha comprise of sun bathing and swimming. The beach at Digha is supposed to be the widest sea beach in the world. Another amazing feature of this sun-kissed beach is that it is also hard enough for vehicles to drive on it easily.

Places Near Digha :

Shankarpur, Chandaneswar, and Junput are some of the places near Digha that you may like to visit here.

Situated at a distance of 8 kms from Digha is Chandaneswar that is well-known for the century old Lord Shiva Temple. During Maha Vishuva Sankranti, which is held in April, millions of devotees visit this temple to worship Lord Shiva.

Take a trip to the nearby virgin beach of Shankarpur, which is 14 kms away from Digha. Nestled away from the hustle bustle of the city life, Shankarpur is also called the twin beach of Digha. If you visit the beach in the morning, you will see fishermen juggling with their net for a big catch. You may like to capture some moments in your camera.

Enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and the array of casuarina trees in Junput, which is 40 kms away from Digha. This place is well-known for fishing. Sunrise in Junput is an experience in itself. You can also visit the lighthouse and pay homage at the old temple of Kapalkundala.

Eating Out in Digha :

Restaurants in Digha are invariably cheap and serve good quality of Bengali dishes. There are also some more expensive continental restaurants serving delicious food. This is a great place to enjoy fish cuisine – for which Bengal is famous for. Try Pomfret, Rohu, Parshe, Bhetki and Tiger Prawns. There are a couple of restaurants with attached bars, and in some beaches one finds the locals selling beer.

Festivals and Events in Digha :

The main festival in Digha is Durga pooja, which is celebrated with much fanfare during October or November. This five-day festival in Digha is a big affair and the preparations begin more than a month before. The inhabitants flock to streets in their newest clothes and the whole place is decorated with lights.

Visiting Place in Digha :

1. New Digha Beach :

This one is a man-made beach, created 2 kms away from the old one. It is better planned and more easily accessible from nearby hotels. The new beach is bigger, less crowded and better maintained compared to the Old Digha beach.


2. Shankarpur Beach :

15 kms from Digha, Shankarpur is a virgin beach with a lovely view of the beach surrounded by local fishboats and rows of tress giving visitors the perfect Kodak moment. Near the beach, there are also a few temples in Shankarpur.


3. Talsari Beach :

Lined with coconut and palm trees all along, Talasari beach is famous among sea food lovers for the delicacies it offers. The place has an amazing view with all the stretches of greens peeking through the mountains and the rivers.

Talasari is less frequented by people, making it ideal for solitude seekers. For adventure lovers, discovering all this untouched beauty will surely be a rewarding experience.


4. Udaipur :

If you’re looking for a more laidback and tranquil beach atmosphere, Udaipur beach is the right place to visit. The beach has lonely, deserted stretches of seashore where you can just walk along, take a dip in the water or just rent a bike to roam around.


5. Marine Station/Aquarium of Zoological Survey of India :

MARC – Marine aquarium cum regional centre – is a major tourist attraction for all Digha visitors. It has the largest inbuilt aquarium in India. The aquarium has three kinds of creatures: species of conservative importance, ‘local and curious’ species and freshwater species.

These species include sea anemones, lobsters, sharks, rays, butterfly fishes, sea snakes, horse shoe crabs and a bunch of other not-so-commonly-heard-of organisms.


6. Temple at Chandaneswar :

Situated at a distance of 6-8 kms from Digha, Chandaneswar Shiv temple has mythology and folklore depicting its creation and history. The temple plays host to a huge annual fair on the first day of Oriya calendar and sees an influx of a large number of tourists every year.



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