Joblessness, Corruption Top Worries Among Urban Indians: Survey

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New Delhi: Lack of employment opportunities as well as rampant corruption remain the top worries among urban Indians, a survey by researcher Ipsos has revealed.

“According to the April wave of the Ipsos, What Worries the World global survey 2022, joblessness and graft have emerged the top worries of urban Indians. For global citizens, top issues worrying them include inflation and social inequality,” Ipsos said in the findings of the survey released Friday.

The survey tracked public opinion on social and political issues across 28 countries. The global report represents the top worries around the world, alongside whether people think things in their country are heading in the right direction.

The survey is conducted via an online panel system. In all, 1,900 online interviews were conducted between 25 March and 3 April among adults aged 18-74 in the US, South Africa, Turkey, Israel and Canada and those aged 16-74 in all other countries.

“The survey shows urban Indians fret about joblessness the most, and job creation needs to be the top focus of the government. There is also worry around rampant corruption and of course the worry around the coronavirus while has lowered, it continues to sit among the top 3 worries,” said Amit Adarkar, CEO, Ipsos in India.

India’s unemployment rate fell to 7.6% in the month of March, according to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE). It touched a six-month high of 8.1% in February.

Unlike their global counterparts, Indian netizens have not rated inflation as their top worry. If the current inflation levels continue or become worse, we may see some reordering of worries over next one or two months, said Adarkar.

Meanwhile, survey findings reveal that India is the second most optimistic market with an overwhelming 77% of urban Indians polled agreeing that the country is moving in the right direction. Interestingly, citizens of Saudi Arabia are most confident of the bright prospects of their country. Global citizens continue to stay gloomy with 63% convinced their country is on the wrong track.

“Urban Indians are resilient and strongly believe in light at the end of the tunnel. They are not stopped by worries,” adds Adarkar.

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