Set #couplegoals with the best small wedding, here’s how

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As a couple, you and your partner are dedicated to simple living and high thinking. Not for you a huge celebration of your love where countless people attend the wedding – most of whom you’ve never seen in your life! You aim to have a simple, small ceremony that is meaningful and beautiful. Thus, you set the goal to get married this year in a small wedding with only close friends and family members in attendance.

Why have a small wedding?

The days of having lavish, large weddings are passe. Today, people want to truly celebrate the happy event in their lives without trying to impress complete strangers. Besides, the Coronavirus threat is still alive and well, and it has ended up curtailing the size of events like weddings and birthday celebrations.

Small weddings are more intimate, where the bride and groom get to celebrate their special day with the people that are closest to them. The venue is smaller and the vibe is more personal, with every attendee being able to meet the bride and groom and mingle with others. Small weddings are also more manageable in terms of catering, decoration, shopping for wedding finery, etc.

Here’s the crux: How to finance it

Though you chose a small wedding, it will still cost a lot of money. Living costs rise every year, and inflation is also high. Paying for catering, buying the wedding trousseau, booking the venue (which adds up costs for seating, decoration, on-ground transport, etc.) booking the honeymoon…it seems endless and you are left perplexed at the costs. You aimed to have a small wedding, but the costs are not necessarily small!

And yet, you would spend far more money if you have a typical Indian wedding with about 1,000 people in attendance. What is your plan to finance the small and intimate ceremony you’ve always wanted? There are a few options:

  • Break into your savings fund – after all, you have been saving up for years, and this is the time to use the money.
  • Liquidate investments – your money invested in shares or mutual funds or even a fixed deposit can come in handy at this time.
  • Take a personal loan – the loan can finance most, if not all, expense heads and it is procured simply and quickly using just a smartphone-based instant loan app.

A personal loan is the best option…

Taking a quick personal loan from an instant loan app is one of the best options you have.

  • Not only does it solve the problem of financing the small wedding in a jiffy, it also keeps your investments and savings fund from being liquidated.
  • The quick loan has a short tenure, so you can repay the loan quickly and be free of debt in just a few months
  • Based on your personal loan eligibility, you can pay for the entire wedding using the loan amount – this helps you have the small and beautiful ceremony you’ve been dreaming about
  • The loan is disbursed quickly upon applying for it – there are no delays in getting the loan amount, so you can start planning and paying for what you need to make the ceremony a success

How to get the online loan from an app

  • Download the app on your smartphone. Set it up with your personal and financial information, as prompted. This helps the app check your credit score and personal loan eligibility
  • Study the loan in detail. You can get up to Rs 5 lakh as a loan amount, based on your eligibility.
  • Check the interest rates, tenure, list of documents, processing fees, etc.
  • Make self-attested copies of the documents required and hand them over to a representative from the app’s when they collect the set from your house.
  • If all is found correct, the app approves the loan and disburses the amount to your savings account.
  • Repay the loan from your monthly income in flexible EMIs.

Setting #couplegoals was never easier – get an instant loan from a reputed loan app and plan the small but grand wedding ceremony of your dreams. You can even use some of the leftover amount for your honeymoon expenses.


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